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Blue Peak is a tax, accountancy and advisory business that specialises in delivering tailored expert support and guidance for small to medium sized businesses in the Thames Valley area and beyond. 


The company has over 250 limited company clients and a top priority has been to help clients save both money and time. In addition to our core services, we recognise that the Blue Peak community of businesses not only need support with tax and accounting, but also many other business specialisms.


As a leadership team, we strongly believe in our people and we want them to feel valued, cared for and incentivised…..and it seems we have many clients that feel the same!! We are often asked whether we know any good human resources advisory firms or if we can help with staff incentive schemes or other “people” related queries. We also get requests for input into team structures, planning for growth and when to start budgeting for new hires. 


So, after much consultation and desire to help our clients further, we are delighted to announce the launch of Blue Peak People.


We have brought together a group of seasoned, trusted experts who have excellent credentials to drive the delivery of this dynamic, people focused part of Blue Peak. All fees have been industry checked, so there is no danger of our clients being charged ridiculous fees as is well known to happen.

Initially Blue Peak People will offer:

  • General Human Resource guidance with 

    • on tap advice and support 

    • employee relation issues

    • line manager training

    • being legal compliance

    • performance management

    • organisational change

    • settlement agreements

    • equality, diversity and inclusion

    • recruitment advice 

    • staff contracts 

    • employee handbooks

    • grievance management

    • redundancy 

    • restructuring

    • Breathe HR connectivity and use

  • Share and incentive guidance and EMI scheme implementation

  • Human capital audits which are detailed reviews of a company’s work force to identify and shape optimum efficiency and collective direction

  • Leadership coaching/mentoring

  • Staff benefit advice

  • International relocation tax

  • Salary sacrifice arrangements


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