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Blue Peak International Payments is part of the Blue Peak family, founded by three financial services professionals who wanted to bring something different to the world of international payments. We offer a service grounded in honesty, transparency, and integrity... proactivity comes as standard.


Making an international payment through the bank can be a costly exercise, banks charge both transaction fees and rates of exchange with a wide margin factored in. In the main, banks also provide little by way of guidance to anyone exchanging currency and making a payment. At Blue Peak International Payments we do not charge transaction fees and work with clear and agreed margins on your currency exchange.


Online or app based platforms are an accessible way to buy and send currency, often through your phone. There is a perception that they do not charge anything on the currency exchange part of your transaction. This is simply not true, there are charges and these are presented to the client as payment fees (that are a % of the amount you send), in other instances a margin is applied and a fee once your transactions get to a certain size.


So how can we help?

Free Audit

The first thing that we will do is a free audit of your past transactions to ascertain what the relationship with your current provider looks like. This allows us to then propose a slimmer margin for your transactions and the value of this new set up can be calculated going forward. There are no additional fees charged, simply a slimmer margin than you were paying previously.

Your money is safe

The payment services of Blue Peak International Payments are provided by The Currency Cloud Limited. The Currency Cloud is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money (FRN: 900199). All client funds are safeguarded, which is a regulatory requirement. Unlike with the FSCS, which provides compensation up to only £85,000, safeguarding means that if funds are held in an e-money account, the full value is guaranteed.


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