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Running your payroll is a key part of owning a business, however it is one that often gets overlooked. Paying your staff (and yourself) is an emotive area and errors in payroll can cause a great deal of stress. There are many rules within employment taxes that are fiddly and if they are not known or followed can spark interest, penalties or even an HMRC audit – something you really don’t want!

The cost savings of outsourcing your payroll management are clear, but the efficiency and ease of working with our professional and dynamic team may come as a pleasant surprise. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach with our clients by always being available, transparent and supportive. We use an award-winning cloud-based platform which provides employers with clear reporting and allows employees to access their payslips in a secure and paperless manner. We are specialists in payroll and broader employment taxes, having a reassuring breadth and depth of experience across the team.

Why is Blue Peak the best payroll provider for you?

  • Fixed and clear fees (so no unexpected invoices) which will remain competitive as you grow.

  • A multi award winning cloud based payroll system called BrightPay.

  • Brightpay can be accessed 24/7 and is safe, secure and GDPR compliant

  • Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE filing.

  • Paperless email communication to employees including payslips and auto enrolment paperwork.

  • Easy to understand tailored reports.

  • Preparation of end of year tax reporting (Forms P11D, PAYE Settlement Agreements and Forms 42)

  • Payroll cost analysis.

  • Advice on all payroll related issues incl IR35 and payrolling of benefits in kind.

  • Reporting to The Pensions Regulator.

  • A range of additional services eg expense and benefit reporting which enable us to deliver a truly bespoke service dependent on your needs.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to Blue Peak?

  • guarantee of confidentiality.

  • we can remove the need for (and cost of) a payroll administrator.

  • save you time and money on staff training.

  • no longer have to purchase and update payroll software.

  • you won’t have the worry about legislation changes and potential penalties for non compliance.

  • we have vast experience of dealing efficiently with the complexities and confidentiality of payroll and HMRC.

  • we understand the pension rules regarding Auto Enrolment obligations.

Payroll – did you know?

  • If you have staff, you need to monitor gifts and social events (and other expenses) as these can become taxable.

  • National minimum wage is carefully monitored by the authorities and some companies inadvertently breach it without realising as it’s not as simple as just calculating someone’s hourly rate.

  • That Directors overdrawn loan accounts can give rise to a significant corporation tax charge

  • HMRC systems are linked, so what’s reported on payroll is often checked against an individual’s tax return which can lead to queries.


If you have any questions or concerns about Blue Peak or our services, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We are always happy to assist you.

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